Mens Sana In Corpore Sano for Social Media

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano for Social Media
Assembly Upper School

Students in the Middle and Upper schools heard about a high school student's experience with disconnecting from social media, as well as some ways they can become more aware of the effects and maintain wellness in their own lives.

Keegan Lee, a senior from Burlington Day School, talked during an assembly on Tuesday about the book she has written with Elon University professor Dr. Bilal Ghandour, "60 Days of Disconnect: A Personal Perspective of How Social Media Affects Mental Health." 

"Through this experience, I’ve learned the true importance of human connection in a technologically driven world, identified the joy of living in the present, and acquired more mental maturity than I ever have because I am living more and scrolling less," said Lee. "I have turned my journey into a book that will hopefully help people of all ages utilize technology in a more responsible, less time-consuming, beautiful way."

Lee also said that parents play a powerful role in determining how their children use technology. School Counselor Heather Singer provides the following resources for further reading:

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Singer also invited Upper School students who are interested in disconnecting to join a group that is meeting weekly during afternoon tutorial. Those who have accepted the challenge are taking it seven days at a time and are disconnecting from social media in a variety of ways.

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