Student Wellness

Our school philosophy and Latin motto, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, “A sound mind in a sound body,” inspire us to look at learning holistically, with an emphasis on developing the whole child.

Wilson Student Center, opened in fall 2020, embodies Westchester’s vision of community and its mission to promote a nurturing and caring environment for learning. Situated at the heart of campus, the student center provides spaces for dining, health and counseling, collaborative study, the senior spot, and an outdoor patio.

Health Services

Health Services at Westchester advances well-being on campus in support of the academic and lifelong achievement of our students. Keeping children healthy, safe, in school, and ready to learn are top priorities.

Our director of health services and school nurse serves both as a health care provider and educator. She sees students for acute medical needs, consults with families on topics such as allergies, medications and illnesses, and provides instruction in health, exercise science, and growth and development topics. The health clinic is located in the Wilson Student Center. 

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School Counseling

Westchester’s caring school counseling staff work with students, parents, teachers and staff to support students in achieving academic and social success. They coordinate the school’s guidance curriculum and meet with students for individual, small group and classroom counseling sessions.

School Counseling services are delivered in the following ways:

  • School Guidance Curriculum - designing, structuring, and delivering classroom/advisory lessons designed to achieve specific competencies in grades pre-K-12 (personal/social, academic, career) and driven by the needs of the school population
  • Individual Student Planning - assisting students with goal formation/planning (behavioral, academic, etc.)
  • Responsive Services - meeting immediate student needs (counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, peer mediation, information-providing)
  • System Support - schoolwide program planning and implementation, consulting with other professionals, coordination of various supports for students and families

Counselors provide the following types of support:

  • Individual Counseling - A student can discuss issues in a safe, positive, and  confidential setting (for a limited time; ongoing therapy is not available in the school setting). Topics are based on the needs of the student and may include feelings, changing families, peer pressure, friends, stress, academics, social skills, academics, bullying, getting along with others, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Small Group Counseling - Students sharing similar issues and concerns work together in a small group environment consisting of about 3-6 peers. The group sessions usually last about 30 minutes and are held for approximately 6-8 weeks. Topics are based on the needs of the students and may include divorce or changing families, grief and loss, friendship and social skills, study skills, conflict resolution, anger management, self-esteem, and stress-management.
  • Classroom Guidance/Classroom Counseling - School Counselor develops and implements pre-K-12 guidance curriculum delivered through different opportunities. These lessons address personal, social, academic, and career-related needs at the student's developmental level. Topics may include self-esteem, conflict resolution, study skills, anger management, career awareness, tattling/reporting, friendship/social skills, responsibility, respect, teasing/bullying, feelings, cooperation, goal setting/decision-making, and peer pressure.

Students are referred by faculty or parents to meet with a school counselor. A referral form is available on the Parent Portal.

Food Services

The dining hall in Wilson Student Center is a special place of gathering in the heart of the Westchester campus. All students and faculty are served lunch daily by the food services staff. 

Lunch is included in the annual tuition and all offerings are served without added cost, making things easier for parents. (No need to worry about forgetting to pack a lunch or add money to an account!) This also ensures all of our students are nourished for an active school day.

All of the menu options are prepared in the school kitchen and served by our food services staff, who are mindful of individual dietary needs. The lunch menu includes labels for potential allergens, such as wheat, fish, and dairy. For more information about dietary needs, contact Charlotte Newman, director of food services, or Jennifer Conrad, director of health services.

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