The Westchester Fund

Each Wildcat, Every Day

Support the people and programs that make our schoolhouse a home! Talented teachers, small classes, technology, and support for different learning styles are just a few ways your annual gift to The Westchester Fund makes an impact.

The goal each year for annual giving is for 100% of families to step forward and contribute at any level. When we are all-in together, it communicates our support of the teachers, trust in the school, and the value of the education offered.

Did you know that 100% of Westchester trustees, faculty and staff give to the Annual Fund? Become a partner and support our mission today.

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As a non-profit, independent school, Westchester is not funded by a church, foundation, or the government like other private schools, charter schools and public schools. Being independent allows the school the freedom to pursue moral, academic, artistic and athletic excellence in a learning environment that best serves students, but it also means that WCDS relies on donations to operate. The Westchester Fund is a critical part of the school's financial health. 

Immediate Impact

Support the student experience:

  • Small class sizes and favorable student-to-teacher ratios
  • Enhancements to the classroom experience PK-12
  • Special programming
  • Technology and instructional resources
  • Opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics and science, technology, engineering and math (STEAM)

Benefit families and teachers:

  • Conveniences for families such as daily lunch service, fewer fundraisers to remember, fewer fees throughout the year for extracurriculars
  • Support for teachers in a way that allows them to focus on the students
  • A competitive tuition cost that is less than peer schools (GDS, FCDS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Westchester Fund?

The Westchester Fund is the school's annual giving request. Parents, faculty members, alumni, grandparents and friends give generously to provide an elevated student experience. As an independent school, Westchester is a non-profit and is not funded by a church, foundation or government. Tuition only covers about 80% of what it costs to run the school. Annual giving to the Westchester Fund provides a crucial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of operating the school, and without it, we cannot sustain a high-quality program. Unrestricted donations support the many resources that directly benefit students like smaller class sizes, talented teachers, instructional resources, technology, enriching arts and athletics programs, and much more. This is the norm for most independent schools across the country.

Why should I give a donation?

Parents often ask: "I'm already paying tuition, so why should I give a donation to the school?" There are a few simple reasons. Practically, a donation to the Westchester Fund covers the gap between tuition and what it costs to fund the full student experience. In order to keep tuition costs down, the school asks donors to provide support so the school can continue to offer all the special features that make up the Westchester experience. Additionally, being a mission-driven independent school, we ask families to have "skin in the game." Everyone pays tuition, and in the same way, the school asks for 100% participation in the Westchester Fund. Finally, a gift to the Westchester Fund communicates faith in the future of the school, its leadership and its mission. Gifts from parents, past parents and alumni demonstrate belief in the value of a college preparatory education. High participation from these groups encourages others to give.

How much should I give?

That’s easy, give what you can! Whether your gift is $10 or $100,000, your gift makes a difference and is greatly appreciated! Your participation is what matters most.

How and when should I make a gift?

You can give online by clicking the Give Now button on this webpage. Pledges can be made at any time for payment during the fiscal year. All pledges should be paid in full by June 30 each year. Payments can be set up on the school website via credit card, or you can pay by check or stock gifts.

Give Now

Why not raise tuition to cover the full cost of running the school?

Tuition covers only 80% of the cost of a Westchester experience, and annual giving helps fill this void. Every student in every classroom benefits from generosity to the Westchester Fund, as do all teachers. Augmenting tuition with the Westchester Fund allows the school to keep tuition costs at a more competitive rate with the surrounding community. Charging the full cost would significantly increase tuition, limiting the number of qualified students able to attend.