After-School Program

After-School Program

Lower School - Array of Activities

At Westchester Country Day School, we pride ourselves on the “community” feel of our school, and that extends seamlessly into the After-School Program and beyond. You will find that there are certainly many different visions of what an after-school program should be, but we feel we exemplify the best practices through our program. We offer an array of activities not always available during the traditional school day, activities which give students many opportunities for growth and learning. Our After-School Program provides an ideal time and place to help our students develop both social and interpersonal skills in a safe and friendly environment.

The program is designed to help children develop self-confidence as they explore new talents in areas that may not be offered during the regular school curriculum. The staff ensures that the activities are fun and engaging as well as age appropriate. Most kids are tired after a busy day at school, and they are best able to absorb the content of a lesson if it looks more like play. We value flexibility and student choice in programming so it fits the needs and interests of the children on a daily basis.

A typical afternoon starts with outside play time followed by a transition indoors to enjoy a nutritious snack. Then students are encouraged to work on homework assignments, engage in various hands-on activities or board games, or relax and watch a movie. Play continues until students are offered another snack, and the day ends with an additional free-choice activity or storytime. Examples of some favorite activities include building with LEGOs, marble tracks, and magnet tiles, imaginative play through doll houses, outdoor sports such as basketball, football, ladder ball, and badminton, and classic board games like chess and Monopoly. Additional opportunities are available for the students to participate in extracurricular events together on campus. Events include but are not limited to attending cultural events such as the Chinese New Year Festival, as well as campus-wide events like Blue-White Day. In the After-School Program, children are taught interaction, collaboration, and creativity through an avenue that looks like and feels like fun – not during school, but After School!

Middle School - Options Abound

Middle School students are encouraged to participate in our athletic program with practices that last until 4:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Each of the three seasons, students have a variety of sports to choose from that develop skills in collaboration, safe risk taking, and perseverance. Once practice ends, if students need to remain on campus, they attend a supervised study hall in the Library, encouraging time management. Those who do not participate in the athletic program but need to remain on campus after 3:00 p.m. have the choice to join the Lower School activities for some activity time outdoors or have a supervised study hall in the Library.

After-School Director
Mary Davis
336.869.2128 x519

Program Fee

The After-School Program is available for $7 per hour. No advance registration is required; students may use on an as-needed basis, and families will be billed. WCDS also offers before-school care beginning at 7:00 a.m. for $7 per hour.