Express Yourself!

FoFA is a parent, faculty, staff, and community-based volunteer organization that seeks to nurture all forms of artistic expression at Westchester Country Day School through educational, moral, volunteer, and financial assistance. By fostering student involvement in the arts, by supporting the fine arts programs, and by enriching the students’ fine arts experiences, Friends of the Fine Arts aims to cultivate in students a recognition of the arts as an integral, joyous part of their lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Westchester parents are encouraged to become involved with the Friends of the Fine Arts! Members are encouraged to attend all monthly meetings, concerts, and drama productions, volunteer for concessions and ticketing, and assist with event preparations such as costuming, set construction, and props. Members should also feel free to provide suggestions for visiting artists of all kinds to enhance the learning of the students.

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FoFA Contributions

  • Three drama productions:
    • Fall K-12 Musical
    • Winter Upper School Production
    • Spring K-8 Production
  • Two holiday concerts
  • Three spring concerts
  • Two talent shows
  • Cello, guitar, piano, violin, and voice recitals
  • Visiting artists