International Students

Cultural Diversity and Awareness

Westchester Country Day School is fortunate to attract international students who desire to experience high school and life in the United States. It is the school’s desire to enroll these students when they are qualified applicants who meet our admissions standards. These students add cultural diversity and global awareness to our school while contributing to its growth. In addition, they provide extracurricular enrichment and foster international friendships with members of our student body. These friendships can lead to future opportunities for foreign travel for our students. Westchester also recognizes that the admissions process for international students is more challenging than the same process for students living in the United States. Because it is the school’s desire to evaluate the candidacy of all its applicants with fairness, the following procedures have been established by the school to evaluate the candidacy of international student applicants.

International Student Admissions Process

  • International students must be represented by a reputable agency. Please inquire through the Admissions Office for more information.
  • A Skype or in-person interview is requested.
  • A certified translation of the student’s high school grades from his/her home school must be submitted by all applicants.
  • Applicants must take or provide an English assessment approved by WCDS to determine the candidate’s competency in spoken and written English. All international students must be proficient in the English language. In addition, all applicants must provide an unassisted writing sample in English and in the student’s handwriting of at least one page. It may be written on a topic of his/her own choice.
  • If deemed necessary, applicants must take a math admissions/placement test created by the WCDS math department.
  • Proof of immunizations are required (must have received immunizations required by North Carolina schools). Also, a student must show proof of medical insurance coverage.
  • Applicants must provide teacher evaluations.

While Westchester Country Day School hopes that all international students will be both happy and successful, because of the unique nature of these students from a different educational, geographical, and cultural background, we are unable to give absolute assurances of university or college placement for our international students. We will, however, guarantee our best efforts!

International Student Tuition 2019-2020

Grades 9-12 - $21,650

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