COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

As a close-knit school community, our top priority is to provide a healthy and safe educational environment for our students, faculty, staff, and families. The spread of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, is a quickly evolving situation, so please check this page regularly for updates. Send any comments or questions regarding preparedness measures and planning directly to

Dear Westchester Family,

These past months we have been confronted with big, unpredictable challenges that seem to change and shift on a daily basis. All the while, we are focusing on the important work of keeping our students and families safe and doing our part to contribute to broader efforts to minimize the impact of the pandemic.

I have found great encouragement in the positive, creative responses of our faculty and leadership team thus far. The support you have shared with us has been equally encouraging. Social distancing does not come easy for a school with a mission-based commitment to a supportive community. Nevertheless, we will continue to seek creative ways to be together even when we have to do so virtually. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.


Cobb Atkinson
Head of School

Distance Learning

As of March 30, WCDS is continuing the school year through remote instruction for the time being. For more information, visit our Distance Learning page.


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Family Resources

The following resources are provided by our school counselor and school nurse:


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