Advisory, Clubs & Electives

Beyond the Books

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program in Middle and Upper School is designed to enrich the entire student experience and facilitate communication and teamwork among students, teachers, and parents. The focus is on each student's academic and personal development as advisors offer guidance in a one-to-one relationship with advisees. Group and individual discussions and instruction occur on such matters as learning styles, goal setting, conflict resolution, time management, and leadership skills. The goal of this program is to promote a student's experience of the school in a setting in which concerns are heard, access to resources to address these concerns is available, and assistance is given for each student to become a capable, independent learner.

After-School Electives

Students may choose from a variety of after-school electives for an additional fee. Options vary each quarter but may include Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Go Far, Mad Science, and Mountain Biking.

Extra-Curricular Arts

Cello, guitar, piano, violin, and voice lessons are offered to students as an elective option for an additional fee. Lessons are taught privately and semi-privately with experienced instructors. The students have performance opportunities playing in solo and group settings for the holiday and spring concerts during the school year and possibilities beyond.

"Being involved in extracurricular activities gives me more self-confidence.”
—Current 7th grade student

Middle School Electives

Middle School students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of elective options each year which are held during the school day twice a week. These courses are designed to be exploratory, exciting, and not graded. Options include:

  • Art Club
  • Battle of the Books
  • Board Games
  • Classic Films
  • Computer Programming
  • Current Events
  • Girls in Science
  • Digital Photography
  • Geography Club
  • Gym Time
  • Math Club
  • MythBusters and Planet Earth
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Sewing
  • Wildcat Community Service

Middle School students may also apply to serve Westchester Country Day School as a Middle School Ambassador or run for a Student Government office.

Upper School Clubs & Electives

Upper School students may choose from a variety of electives each year in courses such as Technology Integration and 3D Printing, Computer Science and Robotics, AP Computer Science, Exercise Science, Film and Media Production, and courses in excess of minimum requirements within the core departments.

The opportunity to participate in clubs is a vital component to our Upper School experience. While Student Government is the central club of Upper School, there are many others including:

  • Art Club
  • Blue Key Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Honor Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Human Relations
  • Mock Trial
  • Model UN
  • SADD
  • Science Club
  • Spanish Club