Conference Overview

  • Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Fans will always demonstrate outstanding Sportsmanship!
  • Any player ejection will result in sitting out the following game! (Conference or Non-conference)
  • All scores or notes should be e-mailed to Adam Schwartz for posting on the website!
  • Conference schedule takes priority over non-conference games!
  • Ties for tournament seeding will be determined by head to head competition and then coin flip.
  • If regular season ends in a tie, co-champions will be declared. Head to head competition will determine seeding. If there is still a tie, there will be a coin toss.
  • Trophies for Regular Season Champion,  and Tournament Champion.
  • Dues High School/Middle School - $500.00 (Money for trophies and referees for tournaments. There may be additional fees at a later date.)
  • Higher seed throughout - pays for officials.
  • If regular season is not completed, the team with the highest winning percentage will be declared the champion in all sports except soccer, which will use a point system.
  • Tournaments can be moved to determine regular season champion or champions.
  • If there is a coach ejection:
    • School employee must take over coaching duties.
    • If there is not a school employee present - immediate forfeit!
    • To be eligible to play in a conference tournament, a player must play every school at least once during the regular season. Exceptions to this rule (that need to be communicated with all ADs ahead of time) are injuries, and/or players moving up from a lower level team to a higher level team.

Cross Country:

  • To be eligible for the conference championship, a student-athlete must run in a minimum of 3 regular season meets (MS or Varsity). 
  • Separate races for boys and girls run (boys first).
  • Top 5 runners from each school score.


  • Federation Rules apply except for scoring.
  • Rally scoring - (25-25-15)  (A and B teams)
  • One official - Regular Season / Two officials - Conference Tournament
  • Warm-ups 4-4-2
  • 2 out of 3 games
  • Libero tracker must be at the scorer's table.


  • 30 minute halves- No overtime or shootout!
  • Two officials (may play with one)
  • 3 points for a win / 1 point for a tie / 0 points for a loss
  • Rain delay- 20 minutes in regular season / 30 minutes in Conference Tournament
  • Game is official if half of game has been played!
  • Conference Tournament – Two 5 minute sudden death overtimes followed by a shootout!
  • Tournament host must provide line runners!
  • Red card ejections - can't play next game.
  • In case of game suspension - game will be picked up from ending point.


  • 7 minute quarters if agreed upon by officiating association (7 minute halftime)
  • Two officials (may play with one)
  • 3 minute overtimes
  • Minimum 10 minute warm-up time
  • In MS Basketball sportsmanship should be emphasised and it is expected that a full court press when any team is up by a measure of 20 points is not allowed.


  • 7 inning games
  • Mercy rule (10 runs after 5 innings)
  • Baseball athletes in the 8th grade should use a maximum of a -3 bat. 6th and 7th graders may use a -5. Coaches should meet with umpire prior to game to establish/reinforce standards for bat use in all baseball games.
  • No Appeal process
  • Federation rules for completing games
  • Suspended games will continue from the point it ended


  • White tees (boys and girls)
  • Double Par
  • 1 scorecard roll - not in hazard
  • OB - played as lateral hazard
  • Cheating - Automatic Disqualification
  • Top 6 players from each team play in conference tournament

Charging for games:

  • Tournament/Regular Season Charge- Adults- $5.00 / Kids- $3.00


  • Adam Schwartz (Westchester Country Day)
  • Dan Bozarth (Caldwell Academy)
  • Rich Landis (Calvary Day School)
  • Freddy Johnson (Greensboro Day School)
  • Corey Gesell (High Point Christian)
  • John Stubblefield (Forsyth Country Day School)
  • Lorie Howard (Salem Academy)