Curtain Call

Students have the opportunity to perform in or assist with two to three productions each year. Auditions are held six to eight weeks prior to each production. Two-hour rehearsals take place after school three days a week. The week of the show is exciting yet exhausting. However, by the time the curtain is pulled on opening night, cast members are ready to perform!

K-12 Grade Musical

The beauty of the fall production is being able to watch our youngest students interact on and off stage with those students who are in our upper grades. The more seasoned actors take responsibility and oversee those that are new to the stage. Those that are just starting out watch and learn from those that are more experienced. The relationships that are formed between cast members last throughout the year. 

9-12 Grade Production

Another production is selected for students in grades 9 through 12. This production varies in size and style. Everything from dramas to comedies to ensemble musicals have been selected in the past dependent upon those students who show interest and are committed to working hard to deliver a challenging production.

K-8 Grade Musical

During the summer, a drama camp is offered to students who are willing to spend six hours a day for five days to pull off a show. At the end of the school year, this same production is revived and offered to students in grades K through 8. The show is recast and structured around a six-week rehearsal period.