Upper School

Preparing for Success

Westchester Country Day School's Upper School is focused on preparing our students for success in college and beyond. Our current student body, as well as alumni, are contributing members of their communities in a great variety of areas. Westchester students are encouraged to explore service and leadership opportunities within the school, community, and their world. Responsible citizenship is expected and preparation for college emphasized. Our teachers enhance their small classes through personal interest in their students and individualized attention whenever needed.

Head of Upper School
Dr. Mark Braun

Personal Growth

Students in the Upper School (Grades 9-12) continue to build on the sequence of learning established in the earlier grades. Our College Counseling Program assists students and parents with college exploration, decision making and the application process. The academic program combines a broad liberal arts base with opportunities for specialization and enrichment. Course requirements emphasize skills in analysis, problem solving, and communication. Emphasis is placed not only on the material being presented in each class but also on study habits and a healthy work ethic. All classes are taught at an honors level and Advanced Placement courses are available to qualified students. In addition, the Upper School offers a wide range of student activities to facilitate personal growth.

AP courses follow the syllabi of the College Entrance Examination Board. Students are selected for AP courses based on teacher recommendations, test scores, and past performance. All students taking AP courses take the College Board AP exam in May.

Our Curriculum

At WCDS we work to prepare our students with the most essential knowledge and skills for the 21st century. Concepts and ideas transfer across curricular areas, collaboration is encouraged among faculty, and students can make cross-curricular connections.

7 C's of Curriculum

Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Cultural Awareness, Cross-curricular Connections, and Character Development are the 7 C's of Curriculum that focus on the skills most important for our rapidly changing world. WCDS faculty incorporate the development of these essential skills within their classrooms each and every day.

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Critical Thinking

Cultural Awareness

Cross-curricular Connections

Character Development


Enduring Understandings

By focusing our teaching with the "end" in mind, Enduring Understandings help our teaching go beyond rote memorization to student construction of conceptual understanding. Crafted by each department and division, our Enduring Understandings show what we want our students to learn after digging deeply and uncovering what is not necessarily obvious. With understanding at the heart of our curriculum, our students are more likely to transfer what has been learned to new and different situations. This application strengthens their ability to make inferences and develop insights about the world around them.


Fine Arts


Physical Education


Social Studies


World Languages

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