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Students have the opportunity to perform in or assist with two to three productions each year. Auditions are held six to eight weeks prior to each production. Two-hour rehearsals take place after school three days a week. The week of the show is exciting yet exhausting. However, by the time the curtain is pulled on opening night, cast members are ready to perform!

K-12 Musical

The beauty of the fall production is being able to watch some of our youngest students interact on and off stage with those students who are in our upper grades. The more seasoned actors take responsibility and oversee those that are new to the stage. Those that are just starting out watch and learn from those that are more experienced. The relationships that are formed between cast members last throughout the year.

K through 8th Grade Musical

During the summer, a drama camp is offered to students that are willing to spend six hours a day for five days to pull off a show. At the end of the school year this same production is revived and offered to students in grades K through 8. The show is recast and structured around a four-week rehearsal period.


The Lower School focuses on literacy, appreciation, and performance. Student literacy begins with an introduction to beat, rhythm, melody, music notation, form, harmony, movement, singing, and playing pitched and unpitched instruments.

Students learn about instruments in the orchestra and about influential composers. They are also introduced to music from diverse cultures. They attend concerts in the community which reinforce their classroom experiences.

All students are taught good vocal habits and are also taught skills of choral singing throughout Lower School. Students present a Holiday concert in December and spring concert in April. Any child in grades three through five can participate in Footnotes, our after school children’s choir. This group participates in school concerts, present concerts in the community, and takes an optional trip in the spring where they may sing in a festival or a competition. Other performance opportunities for Lower School students include participation in the drama productions.

Violin, piano, guitar, cello, and voice lessons are offered to all Lower School students as an enrichment class during school hours or after school. Lessons are taught privately and semi-privately with our expert instructors. The students have performance opportunities playing in solo and group settings for the holiday and spring concerts during the school year and possibilities beyond. This is a tuition based program.

Visual Art

Lower School art classes include a strong emphasis on individual creativity. The classes encourage each child’s creativity through work with marker, tempera paint, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, crayons, and clay. Proper use of the art tools is demonstrated with each medium and various art terms are introduced and explained. In addition, the elements of line, shape, form, texture, color, space, and value are studied. Integrated art lessons are structured with the regular classroom studies when possible. The Lower School children are also exposed to several artists and their styles. This exposure helps the children further develop their imagination and form their own unique style of creativity. Artists covered may include Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and Claude Monet, to name just a few!

Dates to Remember


May 15 - 17

K-8 Grade production, Dinosaurs Before Dark Kids