Westchester Country Day School, private, independent school, High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Asheboro, North Carolina, School

Visual and Performing Arts

The arts inform as well as stimulate, they challenge as well as satisfy. Their location is not limited to galleries, concert halls and theatres. Their home can be found wherever humans choose to have attentive and vita intercourse with life itself. This is, perhaps, the largest lesson that the arts in education can teach, the lesson that life itself can be led as a work of art. In so doing the maker himself or herself is remade. The remaking, this re-creation is at the heart of the process of education.
(Eisner 1998: 56)

Research has shown that a fine arts education develops collaborative skills, technological competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity. Through a fine arts education, a child learns how to convey ideas, feelings, and emotions by creating his or her own images while performing music, art, and drama. A student learns to analyze, critique, and draw reasoned conclusions from what they see and hear. The visual and performing arts program nurtures creativity, self-expression, intellectual development, team work and self-confidence. An essential goal of our program is to encourage students to discover and develop their artistic gifts and skills in a safe and supportive environment. Students at all grade levels explore the visual art, music and drama through hands-on learning, performing, and authentic discovery. They are encouraged to develop artistic skills to the best of their ability, to appreciate the artistic process while collaborating with other students. Westchester Country Day School strives for artistic excellence by providing a diverse program designed to meet the needs of each student. It is our desire to make each student at Westchester an advocate for the arts.

On canvas, in a concert hall, or on stage, Westchester Country Day celebrates its students who pursue artistic excellence. Viewed not as a luxury, but rather as an integral part of a complete education, the arts can greatly enhance a child’s self-esteem and overall academic performance. The arts are not extracurricular at Westchester; they are fundamental to the kind of educational and human experience we want our students to have. Students in every division at every grade level are offered opportunities in visual arts, music, and drama. From our musicals and dramas to our Holiday and Spring concerts featuring all grades - the entire school community enjoys the remarkable talents of our students and their teachers in a variety of annual fine arts events.