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Enrichment Classes/Activities


Middle School Ambassadors serve Westchester Country Day School in a wide variety of roles. They assist the Admissions Director in Open House activities, conduct tours of the campus, and escort prospective students during school visits. MS Ambassadors also serve as mentors to new students and participate in various service opportunities throughout the school year. These students are highly motivated and diligently maintain the highest standards of character. Applications for new MS Ambassadors are accepted in the spring of each school year.

Student Government

The Middle School Student Government consists of four elected officers and two class officers from each grade. This student leadership organization will be responsible for representing the interests of MS students to the faculty and administration. They will organize, promote, and plan MS activities and develop a role of service to WCDS. The officers are elected in May for the following school year and the class representatives are elected within the first two weeks of school.


Each year students have the opportunity to perform in two plays. One takes place in the fall and the other in the spring. If it is a musical, students are asked to audition by singing a selection from the musical. Both plays require reading from the script as part of the audition process. The parts are announced and practice begins the following week. Rehearsals are held after school from 3:30 to 5:00 and a few Saturdays or Sundays may also be scheduled. Students who are unable to make it to rehearsals should not audition, but may consider helping in other areas such as sound, lights, stage crew, or set construction.


Forte is the Middle School Show Choir. It is a non-auditioned group that meets during the school day once a week. The group sings a variety of fun music designed to showcase the young teen voice. Forte performs yearly for the spring and Holiday Concerts and several PR concerts. In the spring they take a choir concert tour or participate in a choral festival. In the past years, the group has traveled to Washington, DC, Orlando, FL, Williamsburg, VA, Nashville, TN, New York, NY, and England, Scotland, and France.

Scholar Singers

This group is comprised of 8 to 12 select singers who audition from Forte. The group works on ensemble music and focuses on harmony and precise work, and also on balance and vocal production. Students must maintain a C+ average in all academic courses to maintain membership in this group.

Violin Program

Suzuki/Traditional violin lessons are offered to all Middle School students as an enrichment class during school hours. Lessons are taught privately and semi-privately with our violin instructor. The students have performance opportunities playing in solo and group settings for the Holiday and Spring Concerts during the school year and possibilities beyond. This is a tuition based program.

Middle School Electives

Art Club

Art Club strives to raise awareness of the arts by decorating bulletin boards and designing various projects needed throughout the school year. Students will work on independent projects as well as group projects.

Battle of the Books

Students will read extra books and compete with each other and other schools based on their knowledge of the assigned books.

Chess Club

Students will learn the rules of Chess and tackle basic Chess strategy.

Creative Writing

Students will work on finding and developing the "writer within." They will work on poetry, short stories, essays, and various other writing styles while capturing their own voice. They will write for several contests and publications.

Digital Photography

Students will learn basic elements of photo composition, how to edit and enhance photo files, and create slide shows using the photographs they have taken during the year. Students will need a digital camera with a memory card. If you do not have this available, there will be a limited number at school for use.

Drama Club

Students will learn the many different areas of the theatre, including lights and sound, props, costumes, sets and staging. This learning experience will be very hands on and include field trips to see the professional side of drama.

Fantasy Sports Management

This club is only open to 8th grade students. This club is inviting students that are passionate sports fanatics to take part, learn about the management of a sports franchise, and compete in ongoing “fantasy sports” competitions. First competition: Fantasy Football.


Forte is the larger middle school choir that will focus on honing singing and performance technique, while reinforcing skills learned in general music class. Repertoire will be mostly 3-part light classical and popular music. Auditions are not required for participation in Forte. No class size limit.

Geocaching Club

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors. Students in this club will be setting up a course here on campus as well as participate in scheduled hunts during the year. They will learn basic skills in geography and map reading as well as becoming familiar with GPS devices.

Gym time

Gym time is precisely what it sounds like. This will be supervised ‘free time’ in the gym where students can get some energy out!

Global Studies Project

The entire grade will have a year-long Global Studies project as an extension of that course. They will meet with their ‘teams’ each week to work on various aspects of that assignment.

Investment Club

Students will be learning about the stock market and other investments. They will also get the opportunity to manage a virtual portfolio. Students will also take part in the Write Investment competition.

Math Competition Club

This club explores mathematical topics that are extensions of the curriculum. We also prepare for two math contests – Middle School Math Day and MathCounts. This club will involve homework, hard work, and deep thinking! We look forward to competing against the other ‘mathletes’ in the area!

Middle School Paper

Middle School Newspaper is a club that will give each student the opportunity to understand the workings of a periodical first hand. Students will gain hands-on experience with the publishing process and will cooperate with their peers to produce one issue each quarter. This club sometimes requires group members to attend school events after normal school hours as we mainly focus our reporting on the happenings in and around the Westchester community.

Natural Science Club/Envirothon

The Natural Science Club will consist of hands-on classroom and outdoor experiences to help students learn and experience more about aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife, and current environmental issues. The fall semester activity periods will be used for lab based or outdoor experiences. Spring Semester Envirothon Training will be offered for students who will be attending the Envirothon competition(s). The Envirothon is a fun, hands-on, natural science academic event that challenges and engages students to think critically about the natural world and their role in it. The curriculum encourages students to have solid scientific background knowledge of natural resources in order to be able to make good environmental decisions as adults. The spring semester activity periods will focus on training for the Area and State level competitive events and may meet after school in addition to during the activity period.

Odyssey of the Mind

Students will audition for teams to participate. Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students. Students use their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. There will be out of school time required for this club.

Scholar Singers

Scholar Singers is the select middle school choir for more experienced singers. Repertoire will be more advanced 3 and 4-part madrigals, jazz, and contemporary music. Auditions are required for a group of 12-16 total singers. Members of Scholar Singers must also be members of Forte.

Service Learning

Students will examine and experience service to others in the Westchester community, as well as local and other communities in a variety of ways. Students will learn about many different service opportunities in our community with guest speakers and adopt a specific outreach project on a local level, such as tutoring WCDS students or serving lunch at a local shelter. Students may also consider the need to respond to unforeseen circumstances that leave people in need of help, such as Katrina or 9/11.

Study Hall

This is a time that students can elect to have available to be working on assignments. Students can select this option any of the 4 days.

Study Skills

This is a more structured version of Study Hall. Students that elect for this option will not only have time to study and work on assignments, but they will also have instructional time where they work on getting organized.

World Cultures Club

Are you interested in finding out more about your heritage? Are you interested in the different people that make up our city, state, country and world? Using music, food, the Internet and people you know we will explore the different cultures in the world.



  • Girls’ Volleyball (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Girls’ Tennis (Varsity)
  • Boys’ Soccer (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country (Varsity)


  • Girls’ Basketball (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Basketball (Middle School, Junior Varsity & Varsity)
  • Cheerleading (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Swimming (Varsity)


  • Girls’ Soccer (MS and Varsity)
  • Boys’ Tennis (Varsity)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Golf (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Boys’ Baseball (Middle School & Varsity)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Track (Varsity)
  • Girls’ Softball (Varsity)

Dates to Remember


May 15 - 17

K-8 Grade production, Dinosaurs Before Dark Kids