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Academic Support Services

As a means of further addressing the developmental learning needs of students, Westchester Country Day School offers academic support services. Recommendations for academic support are made by teachers, parents,and students and are reviewed by the classroom teacher, academic support teacher, division head, and guidance counselor. Students are accepted into the program on a first-come first- serve basis. There is an additional fee for most academic support services.

We believe students enrolled in our Upper School are capable of success in our college preparatory curriculum. At times, however, we find that a student may need academic help. It is expected that the student first seek academic support from his classroom teacher, either during the daily tutorial period, the student’s study hall, or before/after school before pursuing more intensive academic support. This structured academic support is offered in the form of academic coaching with the Upper School academic coach. Recommendation for academic coaching may come directly from the student, teachers, parents, or through the Upper School division head. At the beginning of each quarter, the students, with the help of the academic coach, will set realistic, measurable goals which will be reviewed and revised throughout the quarter. Emphasis is placed on time management, organization, note taking, and test preparation. Typically, this fee-based academic coaching service takes place during the student’s study hall and can be contracted quarterly. Specific content area tutors can also be obtained upon request at an additional fee.

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May 15 - 17

K-8 Grade production, Dinosaurs Before Dark Kids